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Total Duration:  Maximum 2 hours

Mon - Fri appoinments available, 08:00am - 3:30pm

In this appointment, we come to your home, collect your ideas and dreams for your project and draw & measure the space.  If you have access to and/or, these are great places to keep boards of your ideas (which can be easily emailed to us.  Collecting images from magazines, books, etc... also works well!

We want to know how you live in your space so that we can customize your kitchen to YOU!

This appointment lasts 1-2 hours.  

Also, if you just want advice on spatial arrangement, color combinations, or practical ideas for your project, we are happy to simply come out and consult with you.

*Please note, a travel fee applies to destinations over 30 minutes, so please send your location when you request an appointment.


Step 2:  PLANS


In this stage, we spend time behind the scenes creating two plans that fit your criteria for an amazing kitchen!  We typically make one plan the "budget" plan and the other your "dream" plan.  

We send you the plans via e-mail within one week.  Then you get to look them over, pick which one is your favorite, and bullet point what  you like / dislike.  We work together via either an e-mail or phone call (your preference) to come up with your ideal plan (which makes the budget, function, and aesthetics of your kitchen all YOU).

*Please note: Whether or not you decide to go to a final plan stage, the $1297 is still due for this phase  (The final plan is complimentary).


Final Tape Out
Included with Plans (complimentary)

This step is to ensure that everything fits the way we want it to.  

Once we have a final plan, we come back out to your home and tape out the new kitchen.  Here we make sure that every cabinet fits and that each cabinet is to the specs you want.

Note:  At this stage, you have met with a general contractor and we have already adjusted the plan for any potential conflicts / issues.

*This fee depends on the size of your kitchen and how long it takes to make decisions.  


Placing the Order
$500 +

We offer purchasing assistance!  

IKEA:  IF you are purchasing the kitchen from IKEA, we charge a minimum of $500 or 5% of the total cost of the kitchen (the greater of the two - a bigger kitchen involves more time all around).

If you are looking for custom fronts, you will be placing two orders, 1) with IKEA and 2) with Semi-handmade or Other Custom Cabinet Fronts for IKEA boxes:

1) IKEA order:  same as above (note that the cost of the IKEA purchase is the cost that comes out WITH fronts).  It takes time to take off the fronts and then we are working in two plans.

2) Custom Front Order:  TBD based on order


Turn-Key Option

A lot of our clients chose this option.  If you are ready for an IKEA kitchen (with IKEA or custom fronts), and you don't want to deal with the hassle of using their software or even going to the store, this option is for you.  

We perform Steps 1-4 above for you (1 - the consultation and measurement, 2 - the plans, 3 - the final tape out, and 4 - the the purchasing assistance).

We can recommend contractors and resources for all materials & appliances.


NOTE:  Our resources are quite busy and we like for our clients to have first priority to them, therefore, only our clients gain access to these resources.  Thank you for understanding :)

*The size of you kitchen / number of cabinets affects the price.  The bigger your kitchen / the greater the number of cabinets, the fee follows.  If your kitchen is $6,000.00 or less on the IKEA print-out, the total fee is $2,094.  

Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchens

Price T.B.D

We can work with any cabinet manufacturer you like to create a custom kitchen which connects every aspect of your space to your life.

Step 1:  We meet with you for an initial consultation & measurement: ($297).

Step 2:  We assemble a scope of work and send it to you for your approval.  The scope encompasses our portion of the work, a timeline, and fee schedule.

Step 3:  Once approved, we start on the plans.

Step 4:  Finalize plans and recommend contractor.

E - Kitchens


We do "e-kitchens".  Many of our clients in the mountains choose this option.  

If you are confident that you can measure your space and email us the plans, we can take it from Step #2 for you!

We can also travel to the mountains - please contact us for the travel fee.

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